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Tonya M.

Tonya was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio.  She is a proud mother of three Kings and Gram of seven.  She has achieved her AA in Office Secretarial Technology, dual BA in Business Administration & Human Resource Management & MA in Organizational Leadership as she climbed in Corporate America.

In 2008, she established her Virtual Executive Assistant business The #1 B.O.S.S.  (Business Organization & Systems Specialist) part-time.  She began servicing small business owners, new entrepreneurs and administering compliance consulting. As of 2020, she decided to run her business full-time.

Life’s experiences that led to her personal wholeness journey, helped her discover her purpose of healing the broken hearted.


Through writing, she has evolved to creatively utilizing this craft to produce different types of ways to administer insightful ways for others to work through their own personal wholeness journeys.  She was inducted into the International Poet’s Society in 1996 and in 2023 published her first book, Mirror-Mirror, The Journey of Revealing Your Reflection


She is currently pursuing her Christian Counseling certification through National Christian Counseling Association, (NCCA).  

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